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We’re Beaumont Home Care, and we’re different from the restWe’re all about our people and we focus on making things happen.  We work hard to support and empower our colleagues and take on new team members who won’t just blend in with our culture but make it even better. 

How we hire

We have a through on-boarding process to find the best of the best, but we always bring our trademark personal serviceThis means taking the time to have meaningful chats, and keeping you in the loop at every stage. 

We are diverse

Diversity is in our DNA.  Inclusive teams make the best teams, and at Beaumont Home Care we are proud to foster a diverse and inclusive environment.  We believe that diversity brings unique perspectives, experiences, and strnegths to our team, ultimately enhancing the quality of care we provide to our clients.

We value diversity term terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and abilities.  By embracing diversity, we create a rich and inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered. inclusive teams make the best teams, so we’ve made sure our people come from all different background and all walks of life. 

We are a family

Beaumont Home Care are a family, from our home care assistants, our office staff to each and every one of our cherished clients. You will be supported from day one; the door is always open and you will be wholeheartedly welcomed into the office for a cuppa and a chat.

In-house Training

We are dedicated to providing our team members with bespoke training and educationOur ‘Beaumont Training Centre of Excellence’ is an in-house facility designed to empower our care professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver exceptional care to our clientsEach and every one of our training programs are tailored to meet the unqiue needs of our teamWe understand that every individual and situation is different, and our training centre ensure that our team members receive personalised education and guidance. 

Make a difference

At Beaumont Home Care, we believe that our team are the heart and soul of our company.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to our clients, and we know that it all starts with an incredible team. 

Join us today and discover all the amazing reasons why we stand out.